Guna Yala

The Guna Yala Region

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Guna Land

Guna Yala is an indigenous region in Panama, inhabited by the Guna ethnic group. Formerly the region was called San Blas until 1998 and as Kuna Yala until 2010. Its capital is El Porvenir.

It limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea, to the south with the province of Danén and the Emberá Wounnan region, to the east with Colombia and to the west with the province of Colón.

The area was formally known as San Blas, along with the indigenous name of Kuna Yala, but was changed in October 2011 when the Government of Panama recognized the assertion of the Guna people that in their mother tongue there was no phoneme for the letter "K" ", and that the official name should be" Guna Yala ". Guna Yala in Guna language means "Land Guna" or "Mountain Guna".

General Kuna Congress (GKC)

In Panama, the Kuna Yala Region has an area of 3260 km2, forming a 226 km long corridor, with almost 400 islands. The holders of this territory are 49 communities, made up of 60,000 people who practically belong to the Kuna people.

The region was created in 1938, and the State recognizes its indigenous autonomy since 1953, the year in which the General Kuna Congress (CGK) is established as a political and administrative authority. The CGK is directed by three General Caciques or Saila dummagan.

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