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You can book for one or more people or even for complete groups, by accessing the contact form in our web or by calling us or via WhatsApp.
Currently we only accept cash (USD), but we are working to integrate other forms of payment, such as secure online payment by credit card on our page. Meanwhile, pay the total amount in cash to the driver or guide in San Blas, we would be informing you.
Yes, children under 5 years old do not pay anything on our tours. From 5 to 8 years old, they pay 50% of the adult price. From 9 years onwards they pay the full price.
Of course, you can visit other islands while in San Blas, however, payments are made on the island and in cash (USD).
Upon entering and leaving the Kuna Yala region, you must present your passport to Panamanian border police authorities. Since San Blas is the only way to get to Colombia by land and sea.
There are no ATMs in San Blas, so bring enough money with you. All payment is made in cash in San Blas.
You must bring money to buy water, snacks or souvenirs.
The prices of souvenirs (molas and chaturas) range from 15 to 50 USD (molas) and bracelets and Shakiras from $ 5 USD.
Yes, you can bring a cooler with any type of drinks (water, soft drinks, beers and liquors). You can take your food, snacks and fruits. We do not charge for all that.
The cabins depend on the island you are going to reserve. Most of the islands are Kuna cultural huts (bamboo or white reeds, sand floor and thatched roofs) including a cool breeze and ocean view. In some islands there are wooden cabins, wooden floor and zinc roof including fan and some cabins are on the sea. The cabins are equipped with beds with mattresses, pillows and sheets, and furniture to put your bags or belongings. The light is only provided during certain hours of the night for energy saving.

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